How to Improve Your Garage Door Security

How to Improve Your Garage Door Security

Garage doors are considered to be an easy target for thieves and unfortunately, most homeowners don’t put so much effort into increasing the security level in the garage because they think it’s not worthy investment. As a matter of fact, making sure that your garage door is secure can keep potential criminals at bay and protect all of your possessions. Below, you will find out which are the most efficient methods to improve your garage door security.

Keep the garage door insight

Instead of blocking the view of your garage door, a great tip would be to keep it in plain sight. If you’re wondering in what way this is helpful, then you should know that thieves generally look for places that are hidden, to avoid being spotted by your neighbors or people walking by your house.

Motion detector lights

Most burglaries happen during the night and that’s not a surprising fact, after all, considering the fact that no thief will want to be noticed right away. Installing motion detector lights is a great way to prevent thieves from trying to break into your garage.

Garage door opener

Garage door openers are practical devices that do more than open your garage doors. These units come with a variety of useful features, including safety programs to ensure that potential burglars are kept away from your garage. Make sure to invest in top-rated garage door opener that features motion detector sensors or the rolling code technology that changes the code every time you try to open the door via a remote control. A top-rated garage door opener should be made of quality materials and it should come with an extensive warranty.

Cover the windows

Covering the windows with blinds or curtains is a great method to keep thieves from window shopping. So, if you are planning to install a garage door, make sure that it comes with “obscured glass” windows. These type of windows will allow the light in, but it will prevent someone from seeing what’s inside.

Opt for a solid metal door

If you are planning to replace your traditional wooden door, make sure to choose a new metal door or at least a wood door that is made of a solid and heavy wood. A saggy old wooden door that has cracks at the bottom will make it easier for thieves to break in.

Don’t leave the remote inside the car

The most frequent mistake that homeowners seem to do is to leave the garage door remote control in the car. If a thief breaks in your car, he can steal the remote control and have access to the garage without you knowing it. A good tip is to opt for a key chain remote opener, to make sure that it;s always within your reach.

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