What you should look for when selecting a pre-owned forklift

What you should look for when selecting a pre-owned forklift

If you are running a business that implies moving bundles of heavy materials, unloading cargo or retrieving pallets at a warehouse, then you definitely need to use a forklift. Forklifts are some of the most efficient pieces of equipment you can use in these situations, because they come in different models, and can be used in different purposes. But if you plan to buy one, then you should do some market research, because there are many models from which you can choose. You should check the models offered by Gwent Mechanical Handling, because they have a wide range of equipment you can use.  If you find yourself in this situation, then you may ask yourself if you should buy a diesel, electric, dual fuel or LPG powered one. In case you want to purchase a pre-owned forklift, there are some things you should look for.

Check the mast and forks

You should begin the inspection by checking the front of the equipment. You have to see if the forks feature cracks, bends or other similar distortions, because overloading can cause any one of them. You should not buy the forklift if it features cracks, but in case of minor bends, you can have the forks straightened. If the forklift features large cracks then it would be unsafe to use it, when it is loaded to its full capacity. Also, you should check if the heels have signs of wear.

Inspect the lift chains, mast rails and cylinders

When you finish the inspection of the forks, you should check if the mast rails have welds or cracks, because they can affect the structural integrity of the equipment. Also, it is important to check if the mast rollers feature signs of excessive wear. One sign would be if they would not have a round form but a compressed oval shape. Furthermore, you should follow the length of the lift chains, because you should check if there are missing or damaged links. In addition, you should check the lift chains and the hoses, because you have to make sure that the tension is equal distributed. Also, you should check if there are signs of damage or leaks at the hoses and chains from the tilt cylinders.

Canopy, cowling and frame

You should walk around the equipment and check if its body has signs of damage. Also, make sure that you check the both sides of the forklift, because it is important to inspect the cowling. You have to make sure that the canopy main supports are not damaged and they do not feature any beads. If the canopy is damaged, it will not be able to protect the operator in event of a rollover or dropped load. In case you want to buy a forklift with an enclosed cab, then you should check if the windows are damaged or if it has any missing ones. Pay attention to the welds when you inspect the chassis, and make sure to check the wheels and tires.

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