Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool Maintenance Tips

When you finally get that much needed pool for your back yard to use in the hot summer days, you might forget from your enthusiasm that a pool is high maintenance. The pool itself must be clean all time, not only the water in it, to avoid catching any nasty infection, pumps might break, and other inconvenient chores must be done to keep the pool safe and clean. Fortunately, there are some ways to finish the job fast and get to indulging yourself in the cool and nice water as soon as possible.

Keep it simple with a robotic pool cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner is a self-directed pool vacuum that cleans the floors, walls and steps of the pool. Many modern robotic pool cleaners determine the most efficient path to finish cleaning faster, making them ideal because they don’t consume a lot of energy when they do their job. Other models come with a remote control that allows you to operate the device around the pool. Their price range is between $200 and $2000, being affordable to anyone. You can learn more about them by reading some robotic pool cleaner reviews on roboticpoolcleaner.reviews.

Clean the strainer baskets and skim the debris

Once a week you have to clean the strainer baskets to help the water circulation. You clean them by simply removing the plastic basket and shaking the debris out of it. Also, every few days you have to skim the pool’s surface to avoid the debris sinking, making it harder to remove it if it does. The skims can be removed by using a hand skimmer or a leaf skimmer, and the process of cleaning with them doesn’t take long at all.

Brush the walls and tiles

On the walls and tiles algae builds up, and calcium deposits appear as well. Brush the walls regularly with a stiff brush if you have a plaster lined concrete pool, and use a soft brush if the walls are vinyl or fiberglass. The floor has to be brushed regularly as well. Use a soft brush or a pumice stone to brush all the dirt off the pool floor.

Check the water level and maintain it

Besides the fact that during hot weather the water evaporates, the level of water in your pool is reduced by your skimming, and the overall activity you and your household members have in it, such as swimming and splashing. Always make sure the water level is above the skimmer to prevent damage to the pump.

”Shock” the water

Inevitably, organic contaminants build up in a pool as time passes. These contaminants interact with the chlorine you use to keep your pool clean, and give off an unbearable smell. To eradicate the potent odor, you have to “superchlorinate” the water, or simply said to “shock” the water in the pool back to its normal levels of chlorine. It might sound weird, but adding a big amount of chlorine is the best way to get rid of those awful smells. Usually, a pool has to be “shocked” with chlorine at least once a week, while others can stay for weeks without building any suspicious odors in them.

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