Pros and Cons of Over the Range Microwaves

When designing a kitchen, you also have to consider the appliances you will equip it with because these will add to the comfort and functionality of your kitchen. When you get to the microwave, there are plenty of models to choose from. Don’t set your mind on finding the best countertop microwave ovens, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. A great way to save some space is to invest in an over the range microwave oven. Check out the following lines if you want to see if such a microwave would be a good choice for you.


  • The biggest advantage of an over the range microwave is that it helps you save space, which is essential in small kitchens where you can hardly fit all the appliances you need. Instead of tucking everything on the kitchen counter, it’s easier to save space by installing the microwave at a height that allows you to use it.
  • Most kitchens require a range hood that will evacuate the food odor, smoke, and steam in order to keep the air fresh and clean. Due to the incorporated fans, the over the range microwave also works as a range hood, meaning you will have two items in one, so the functionality is increased.


  • Unless your kitchen is equipped with wall cabinets installed at a comfortable height, the over the range microwave will turn out to be uncomfortable and almost impossible to use by short people or children. If that is the case, you are better off looking at the best countertop microwave ovens. You shouldn’t opt for an over the range microwave if you can’t install it at a proper height that will allow you to use it easily and safely.
  • Another disadvantage related to the installation height is that it will be very cumbersome to cook in tall pots because you won’t be able to observe the content during cooking. Pay extra attention to how you handle the pots when you take them out of the microwave because you may burn your hands or even worst, spill the pot all over yourself. Furthermore, since the over the range microwave is installed above the stove, you have to be very careful if you use it while there is something cooking on the stove.
  • An essential aspect for the over the range microwave to work as a hood is to duct it out, otherwise the fan will only serve for recirculating the air. Unless you can connect the microwave to the outside so that the fans will be able to eliminate the air, the hood will become useless.
  • Most of the fans used in designing the over the range microwaves have a 300 cfm capacity, which is a poor performance compared to the capacity of other range hoods that reaches up to 1000 cfm. Therefore, you won’t be that satisfied with the ventilation provided by the over the range microwave.

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